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Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

Our Services

Wasp & Bee Control

Stinging insects are our specialty, and we offer immediate services to take care of your situation.

Spider & Ant Control

We can help provide you with a control plan when it comes to ants and spiders.

Rodent Control

We will set you up with an inspection, an abatement program, and recommend ongoing strategies to keep your home or business rodent free..

About Bugbusters

Need to rid your home or business of wanted pests? We are a family owned and operated pest control services company that has been doing business here in Erie County for almost 50 years.

Whether it be spiders, ants, yellowjackets, centipedes, hornets, mice or rats, they can provide more than just a nuisance to your property.

The presence of such unwanted pests can be
dangerous for your safety and health. Bring in our trained professionals to diagnose and correct your problem.

When you call, you will not be dispatched to an out-of-town call center like some of the big chains use. You will not be handed off to a referral middleman who will then sell your query to some unknown and possibly untrained company.

You will be connected directly to the owners, either Andrew Kulyk or Timothy Duffy, who both live locally and will give you hands-on advice and professional solutions to your pest issue.

Client Testimonials

"Carpenter ants, wasps, rats... Bugbusters helped me get rid of all of them at my old house. I hope I don't need to call them for my new house, but if I do, I know the service will be quick thorough and fair-priced
Patty Mika
"Tim explained the process and fees, they were there in a most timely manner, knowledgeable, friendly, experts with ants, bees and hornets……unfortunately, I have needed their services for all over the past few years….. Highest recommendation!"
Jan Bordan
"Andrew is a compassionate and professional business operator. We ❤️ him and Bugbusters for helping us.”
eleanore Weinckowski

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