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Rodent Control

Buffalo’s Top Source for Rodent Control

Do you keep finding signs of chewing on the packages of your food in your cupboards or on your countertops? Do you keep finding rodent droppings around the house? Are you finding small holes in the walls that could be entry points for small mice or rats? Are your electrical wires chewed up? You could have a rodent infestation. If you notice any of these signs or others that indicate a mouse has been trying to eat your food while you’re not there, or rats keep visiting your home at night, call Bugbusters in Buffalo.

We will do a thorough sanitation and structural assessment to help determine cause and source of the rodent problem, and then place rodenticide baits in strategic locations to rid the unwanted pests from the premises

Rats are commonly found running in the streets from sewer to sewer or rummaging for food near restaurant and residential garbage cans. Mice can be found inside or outside of properties, and they’re easy to identify and hear scurrying around.

Who Will You Call When You Need Rodent Control?

Mice and rats are notorious carriers of several diseases, some of which are potentially deadly to humans. It’s important you remove them quickly from your property. Call us for rodent control. We’ll get rid of your rodent problem, and offer advice for long-term sanitation and exclusion remedies to keep them from coming back.

Did you know? Some of the most common types of mice and rats found in our area include house mice, deer mice, Norway rats, roof rats, and more.