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Ant & Spider Control

Reliable Spider & Ant Control for the Buffalo, NY Area

Spiders and ants are silent home invaders that can be scary to most people, and a downright nuisance to others. Ants are commonly found inside homes during the spring and summertime when the warmer weather arrives. You might find them hiding inside kitchen cupboards near the food, or crawling on walls or ceilings.

And when the weather gets colder, you might find more spiders in your home as they are seeking shelter. However, spiders can generally be found indoors all year round.

Signs of a spider infestation 

  • Recurring webs in rooms
  • Egg sacs found in crevices and webs
  • Seeing more spiders around the house/office 

Signs of an ant infestation 

  • Keep finding ants indoors or crawling inside 
  • Rotted areas on the exterior of your building
  • Ant nests outside

Who Will You Call When You Need Spider or Ant Control?

If you keep finding spiders and webs or ants inside your office, or you see them crawling into your home through a small crack outside, call us right away. We’ll get rid of your pest infestation, and we’ll even find the source of it, to ensure these unwanted pests stay out for good. We’re a local ant control company that cares about your comfort indoors, so call us today for a free quote!

Did you know? Some of the most common types of ants and spiders found in the Buffalo, NY area include black carpenter ants, fire ants, pharaoh ants, cellar spiders or “daddy long-legs,” cobweb spiders, brown recluse spiders, and more.

Ant Control is Very Important in Your Home!

There are two main types of ants that homeowners in the Buffalo area will see.

 Carpenter ants – This type of ant will be found living inside wooden areas of your home. They cause damage to your home as they tunnel through wood to make their colony.

 Pavement ants – This type of ant lives under concrete. They aren’t very damaging. You’ll find these during the day as they like to forage for food during the day.

Ants can cause food contamination as they can carry bacteria on their bodies and spread it across the counter. Some ants may cause damage by chewing tunnels through wood beams. In many cases, ant control can be difficult. Without treatment, these ants can cause a lot of damage, most of which is costly to repair. When you are in need of ant control services in the Buffalo, NY area, rely on the team at Bugbusters.

These pests can enter through small cracks trying to seek water and sweet food. They leave an invisible trail that helps others follow to locate the food source. Ants can nest almost anywhere around your home with colonies from 300,000 to 500,000. Many residents with ant problems try to control the situation themselves. However, most DIY approaches only kill the ants you can see and not the whole colony. Our team can help design a program to treat your unique situation. Contact us today!